Product Development staff

Saud Dawodu

Product Expansion

Dear Product Development Team,

As you may know from recent sales reports for Aswebo Toys,
our products are enjoying great success in  international markets.
The response to our electronic and handcrafted wooden toys has been very favorable.

We have, in fact,had several request from a few of our principal clients to expand the number
of wooden toys we currently make for children from birth to age five.

Consequently,in an effort to assess the prospects for Aswebo toys,future growth in this area,

the management team has decided that our company will,as a preliminary step,準備段階

produce one new item intended for the early-childhood market.Belinobo Consulting
has been hired to conduct market research on the type of toy that we will introduce.
Using the results of their product study,the prototype will be refined 改良する
and put on the market as soon as it is feasible to do so.

This plan presents our company with an exciting opportunity.
I'm certain we can count on your dedication and initiative.

Prepared Aswebo Toys アスウェボ 玩具向け
By Belinobo Consulting

Building set 組み立てブロック

Survey respones were collected from 120 participants.
all of whom are parents of children in the focus age group.
Participants were first asked which toy they would be most likely to purchase.

They were then presented with one prototype from each category
and asked the same question a  second time.

They were given to survey participants to keep