Excuse me, I'm trying to change my diet.

And I want to eat something differnt for breakfast.

You know,something healthier. like maybe yogurt,

Is there a yogurt that's low in calories but also has

a lot of protein?We have a lot of options you might like.

Here's one of our most popular brands of blueberry yogurt.

See , there is a lot of protein.Mmm. Nice.But my doctor told me
I shouldn't eat a lot of sweet foods.

and it would put me over the daily amout he recommended.
That's more than 30 grams.

In that case,I suggest buying the plain version of this yogurt.
Adding your own fresh fruit.

Why is the man looking for a certain product?
He want to eat healty food.
He is allergic to particular ingredient.
He had a coupon for a discount.
He had a favorite brand.

Which of the ingredients does the man express concern about?
Sodium ナトリウム

What does the woman suggest the man do?
Try a free sample
Go to a larger branch
Speak with his doctor
Purchase a diffrent item.