Hi Verbara, Nice to run into you.We've missed you since you left our real estate.Yes,it's been a while.That was a big decision to change companies,but I like my new job a lot.That's great.How's the work different from what you did with us.Well, I only handle commercial properties 商業物件 but I like being able to focus on one area.
hey, I just had an idea.I'm organizing the annual for the real estate association this August and I'm sure everyone would like to hear your speak about carreer move.
I'd be happy to.Here's my business card.
Just let me know the details.

How do the speakers know each other.
They live in the same area.
They met at a professional conference
They used to work together.
They went to the same university.

What does the woman say she likes about her job?
Using her creativity
Specializing in one area.
Earning bonus pay.
Having the chance to travel

What does the woman agree to do?

Apply for a promotion昇進を志願する
Describe a carreer change.
Print out some business cards
Look at a property for sale