HighBrook Library
42 Doring Street
Norwich, CT 06360
April 23
Mr. Jack Vogel
Ellicottt Office Suppliers
181 Foss Street
Norwichi, CT 06360
Dera Mr.Vogel:

On behalf of the Highbrook Library,
I would like to my sincere thanks for your generous gifts
The three computers you donated from your store along with the five computers and they are almost always in use.
In our last conversation you had asked how the library staff would control use. We have decided to allow libraly members to use a computer for free for two hours.Nonmembers pay $2 for an hour of use. We also ask all patrons to book a computer in advance because of the high demand.

In addition, your monetray donation has allowed us to extend our hours.The libraly is now open until 8:00 Monday- Thursday , which has led to a growth in membership by permitting more people to visit when their workday is over.

This policy also helps stuedents who want to use libraly resourse aftern school.We have even had several book clubs for that meet in the evenings. Perhaps you would like to joing one

Next year we will be investigating the possiblity of adding a small cafe on the first floor near the community meeting room .

We hope you will consider contributing this project as well,if it seems promising. you will recieve more information in the future about it!