Is technical support available 24 hours a day?

To buy a new watch
I don'T have a question right now.
Yes, through our Website.

How much does this sweater cost?
It also comes in black.
Cash only
I should say a tag.値札に書いてあるはずです。

Paula Malone
Can you do me a favor?
I'm scheduled to teach my exercise class at the gym at 9:00
and I'm going to be late.
The train I'm on had a mechanical problem and left the station about 15 minutes
behind schedule.

Martin Bilecki
That's too bad. How can I help?

Would you eather cancel the class or let the students know that I'll be there about 9:15?

Martin Bilecki
Most of your students are already here, so I hate to cancel.
Suki is also working today and is here early.I'll ask her to switch class with you,and
you can teach the 10:00 class.

That works out perfectly.

What does Mr. Bilecki he will do?
Arrive late to the gym
Teach a class
Cancel a class
Change the instrutors' schedules

At 8:58 A.M. what does Mr.Malone most likely mean when she writes,
That works our perfectly.

She likes Mr. Bileki's idea
She likes excercising in the morning
She is excited about her new job.
She is happy that she has the day off.