Hello, Welcome to the visitors center at Moutainside Park.

My name is Josephiene and I'll be guiding your hike today.

Normally we'd be taking the Heron trail to the picnic area.
but the second part後半 of that trail is closed for maintenance
this week.so instead, we'll be starting out on the Heron Trail and
changing over midway to the Pine trail as you can see here on the map.
We'll break for our lunch at the end of the Pine trail then we'll take the Sunset
Trail back to our starting point .It's supposed to be sunny today.so it's a good idea
to put on some sunscreen and wear a hat

Who most likely are the listners?
Maintenance workers
Bus drivers
Park Rangers公園の監視員

Where will the lisners be unable to go today?
The north lake
The picnic area
Butterfly garden
the visitor center

What does the woman encourage the listners to do?
Bring a map
Check the weather forecast
Store their belongings 所持品を保管する
Use sun protection.