Let's talk about this year's financial goals.
So さて Sandara rentals,and Wilminton Limited still are biggest sources of income.And That's great. それは素晴らしいことですBut our other accounts 得意先 are important , too.They could bring in a lot more money than they do now今より多くの利益をもらたす and this is what I want to emphasize.We have to get our smaller clients より小規模なクライアントにto sign on for 契約bigger advertising campaigns.That's where you come in. 皆さんの出番です。
I'd like each of you to tell me how much your clients paid for this advertisement we created for them over the past year.I'll send out the e-mail with an example so you can see exactly what inforamtion is incluede in your report

What does the speaker wants to focus on this year?
Increasing staff members
Targetting smaller businesses
Reducing operating cost 運営コスと削減
Attracting new clietns

What does the speaker request help with?
Greeting clients
Collecting payments 徴収する
Gathering date
locating resumes 見つけだす

What will the listners receive by e-mai
A work shcedule
A confirmation number
Sample number
An employee roster 名簿