This is Charlie Swift from channel 14 news
I'm standing outside Granger Electronics this morning.
where hundreds of people have spent hours waiting to buy the new earliest
7D mobile phone available starting today.
Some began waiting in line as ealiest as four AM
From the look of itこの光景を見ると you think they were giving the phones
away 無料で配る Now the earliest 7D is the significant upgrade
著しく進化したもの from previous phone models.
but the feature consumers are most excited about is its water protective coating
The new phone's design ensures that it is fully functional if it comes in contact with water.

What is happening today
An art campaign is being launched
A store is opening new branch
A product is being release in stores
A clearance sale is beginning.

What does the speaker mean
when he says From the look of it, you'd think they were giving the phones away