Books byJames Trozelli

The History of Jeans
Where did it all begin? Trozelli visually chronicles the evolution
of jeans through the centuries , from working wear to high fashion.

Look Past the Runway.
Trozelli captures the creative process from some of the top desingers
from NewYokk City to Paris.Spanning almost twenty years,the book is filled
with Trozelli's photgraphs and shows what goes on in fashion houses 高級服のメーカー
before desings are ready for runway ステージ

Growing into Clothes:My story
An amusing memoir回想録 about growing up in the fashion world.Trozelli
writes about his unconventional 型破りな upbringingしつけ in New York City
with Parents who began as fashion models before launching their own desing label.

Yards of Talent. A Decade of Style
A collection of Trozelli's images spanning a decade of fashion and revealing what
was in style, what was out of style,and then what was back in style again.

On the table
Host Amanda Fry talks about the latest super foods 優れた食品 what they are,
what they offer, and how best to prepare them.Featured recipes will be available
on Website after tonight's show.

Host Britta Jung interviews photographer and authors Trozelli
about what prompted him to write his latest book about his childhood.
He shares stories about what it was like to grow up in the world of fashion

Tech Talk
Host Lewis Pierce foucus on electronics.He discusses products that are
really innovative and useful and identifies明らかにする those that are not.

I discovered BTW radio over 20 years ago and have been a regular listener
of your evening programming for at least a decade. I just waneted to say
how much I enjoy your newest offering . I've been interested by many of the
authors that have been featured on the show so far,but last evening's guest
was especically entertaining. I remember James when he was a little boy.
I worked with his parents when they lived in New York.
and I recall seeing James in his parents' studio most days after he got out of school.
I was surprised to learn that he was written about his childhood,and I look forward to
reading his new book.
Thank you for excellent program.

What is the common feature in all of Mr.Trozelli's books?
They contain fashion photographs..
They focus on famous models
They are set in New York City
They follow events over multiple years.

What is indicated about candid now?
It is broadcasted everymorning at 7:00
I was recently added to BTW radio
It is hosted by Amanda Fry
It was moved to a new time

What is probably true about Ms.Ogilvie?

She was worked in the fashion hisoty
She has interviewed Mr. Trozelli
She was featured on Tech Talk
She hosts  a radio program