Hi Girolamo.I  just got e-mail from THY incorporated.They are wondering
when we can begin building their new headquaters.They want a start date.
I've been meaning to contact them.But I'm waiting to confirm some results from the
soil analysis.There is a patch of ground区画 that might be too moist and unstable to
build on.Our analysts are doing few more tests.
Yeah,it's probably best to wait for those results to come in 結果が出るのを待つ
before setting a definite
date.In the meantime ,I'll write back and let THY know what's going on.THYに現在の状況を知らせる

Where do the speaker most likely to work?
At a reaserch laboratory研究所
At a construction company
At a nature park自然公園
At a real estate agency.

What does the man mean when he says
I've been meaning to contact them.
He is looking forward to discussing a project.
He needs to clarify the statement.陳述の意味を明確にする必要がある
He is aware he needs to do something.
He has forgotten to contact a client.

What will the woman include in her email
An update list of assingments
Results froma recent customers
An estimate of additional cost
An explanation for a delay in setting a date.