New Tasteemix Flavor a Big Hit
By Deepanjali Jaddoo
PORT LUIS 2 February - Three weeks ago, Helvetia Food Industries (HFI) announced the introduction of a new flavor of its popular Tasteemix breakfast creal- coconut cream. HFI also announced that for a limited time only, sending Tasteemix enthusiats from Argentina to Zabmia into a buying frenzy 熱狂 All six major grocery distributors here in Mauritius confirmed that they had received a large supply of coconut cream Tasteemix shortly after the new product was introduced on 8 January. Yetしかし as of 〜付けで yesterday morning, only Bendibles and Foodiverse reported that the had any of the item left in stock.
Both wholesalers expected it tobe gone by the en d of the day.

HFI current comapaign is reminicent of 〜を思い出す the one it wage 遂行する four years ago when it introduced its strawberry cinnamon cerela, said Bina Perida, professor of marketing at Port Louis Business Colege , Thenその当時はas now, HFI annnounced a product as being offered for a limitd time only, resulting in that item's rapid dissaperance from shelves in grocery stores across the globe.

On 5 April HGI accountants will review the company's first quater earnings . Based on the initial sales, market watchers are confident that HFI's expectations will be met.

What is indicated about Tasteemix cereals?

They are distributed internationally
They are made in a factory in Mauritius
They are HFI's main source of revenue.
They were first maketed four years ago.

What is reported about HFI?

It has no more Tasteemixi cereal in stock
It hired a consulting firm to do its accouting
It expects this year's earnings to be better than last year.

It previously offered a product for limited time only.