Hi, my name is Tom Wilson.
I'm visiting family here in Miami for three months
and I'm hoping to earn a bit of money while I am in town.
Does your restaurant happen to have any short term job openings?
Actually I think we could use some help in the kitchen since it's beginnig
of the tourist season though.But do you have any restaurant experience?
Um,I work for a couple of years in French restaurant in New Orleans,
I'm sure the manager there would give me a recommendation.
OK, that sounds promising.If you wait here a second,I'm going to
go to the kitchen to see if our chef's available to talk with you.

Why did the man come to Miami?
To see some relatives.
To open a business
To do some sightseeing
To take cooking classes.

What does the woman mean when she says
We could use some help in the kitchen.

She enjoys her work in the kitchen.
She may have work to offer the man.
The restaurant is undergoing changes.
Some staff need further training.

What will the woman do next?
Make a reservation.
Look for an employee
Show the man a menu
Take a customers order.