Hi, I'm Eddy Burgess.
I'm opening a new law firm and I'm looking for ways  to
advertise it.Your company designed a Web site for my friend's
jewelry store , and she suggested I contact you.

Thanks for calling Mr.Burgess.
This is a great way to advertise your business.
Our experienced cosultants can design a Web site will help you to
stand out from other firms.

That's great.Could I set up an appointment for tomorow?
to discuss ideas with the consultants?

I think so.
I'll transfer you to one.コンサルタントの一人に電話を転送します。
but before i do that, could you tell me the name of your friends?

We like to thank people who recommend our services.

What type of service does the woman's company proviede?
Career counceling 職業相談
Home improvement 家の改築
Garden landscaping 造園
Website design

What does the man say he wants to do tomorrow?
Make a payment
Review a document
Redecorate an office 改装
Meet with an consultant

What information does the woman request
The size of a room
The name of a man's friend
the number of people in a group
The start date of renovation