Browing's Shoe Repair
Order Number VG 12983 Drop-off date November 5
Customer Janice Goldbatt Contact number 連絡先
Shoe descripition ,靴の説明
Style Lady's dress shoe Size 7 Color Black
Requested repair Fix broken heel Ready by November 14
Repair assinged to Jack Burris
Notes 備考
Apply 10% frequent customer price reduction.
Order ご注文の品 will be picked up by Harry Silver

Who most likely is Mr. Burris?

Ms.Goldbatt's assistant
A department store salesperson
An employee at Browing's
A delivery person

What does the document indicate about Ms. Goldbatt?

She is ordering a new black dress.
She will recieve a discount.
She will visit browning's on November 14
She is attending a special event on November 5.