You know the music festival that's starting this weekend?
Umm, someone mentioned it.Is it any good?何かいいものなの?
It's great.Mostly small folk groupsほとんどは小さいフォークグループ
,but they have well-known bands,too.Some of us go every year.
You want to join us?
but, isn't it too late to get tickets?
Well, the way works is やり方としては,about six o'clokc on Friday
people start lining up in the park.We all bring something to sit on and food.
so the wait's not bad.
As long as you are at the park close to six.
You'll get a ticket.but you have to be there to get one.
OK , I think I can get there by six.Count me in.人数に加えて
Why does the woman talk to the man?
To offer him a ride車で送ることを申し出る
To invite him to an event
To discuss a work assignment 仕事の割り当てを話し合う
To ask for his assistance

Reviewing the schedule
Arriving by a certain time
Parking nearby
Checking a ticket.

What does the man agree to do?
Join a group
Help with some work.
Calculate a cost.
Reserve some seats.