text message chain メッセージのやりとり
Koji HIga Hi, Sue, I'm on the train headed to my meetings in Newhurst tomorrow
,but I left the schedule on my desk.Can you help?

Sue Kalama Absolutely.
KOji Great, let me know once you've found it.

Ok , I have it. What do you want me to do with it?

Koji Can you scan the scheule and attach it to an e-mail?
I'll print it later from my hotel so I'll have the meeting details会議の詳細が分かる for the new authors
who have signed contracts with us.

At 1:03 what does Mr.Kalama mean when she writes Absolutly?

She is happy tha Mr. Higa contacted her.
She is willing to assist Mr. Higa.
She is certain that Mr.Higa is correct.
She is leaving her meeting now.

For what type of business does Mr. Higa most likely to work?
A publishing company
A hotel chain
A travel agency
An office supply store.