Thanks for meeting with me to revise the company budget , Georgia,
No problem.with the increase in rent for office space this year will definitely
over budget right now.Yes, we'll have to find areas to cut back on.削減できる分野
What about parking?Mmm.It's nice that we provide free passes to the nearest
parking garage,but it does cost a lot.Good point.We could split the cost
and have employees pay half. That'd nearly covers the difference in rent.

What are the speakers discussing?
A real estate loan
A ride-sharing initiative 相乗り乗車の構想
A company budget
A hirign plan

What does the man say about the office space?
It has become too small
It is in a good location
The rent has gone up.

What would the speakers like employees to do?
Help pay for parking.
Work a weekend shift.
Vote on a policy change.
Create training materials.