I've called this meeting to annouce that we've selected an executive director to oversee our ew laboratory  in Geneva.As you know, we're looking for a person who could manage the daily
operations of  the lab as well as supervise the 15 scientists who work there.
We also needed a person who could propose new program and recommend changes.
That is why we've chosen Marie Windsor, Dr. Windsor, studied in Paris and Montreal,
and has been the principle scientist at Griffin Labs in London.where she has been in charge
of a staff of 25.She''s  published 35 articles in a major journals,and we think she'll be perfect
for this position.

What is the purpose of the meeting?
To review an interview schedule 面接の日程を検討する
To report the selection of a new empoyee
To suggest changes in laboratory procedures
To discuss publication of an article

What is the stated requirement of the laboratory director
Writing report
Doing research
Handling opeartions 日常業務の管理ができる
Balancing Budget 収支の均衡を図る

Acording to the Talk, what does Dr. Windsor done?
Being Journalist
lived in Japan
study business経営学を学んでいた
worked as a scientist.