Hello, this is Satomi Endo with this morning’s news.
There was a heavy rainstorm last night that damaged som electrical lines 送電線:in the Park Street area.Northan Electronic Company announced that workers have been busy all night for reparing the strom damage.They say the work is nearly complete.And power will be restored 復旧する

Dear Traveler,
Please take a moment to answer two questions about your experience at the Alsberg International Airport

What about our airport would you most likely to see changed?
Please select only one opinionDistance between gates
Selection of food Number of shops Information signs
Please use the reverse side if you would like to add any comments

In the past five years , how often have you used Alserg International Airport?

Less than one year Once a year
Once a month more than once a month

Thank you for your time and suggestions ご意見 Please leave your questionnarire in any of the boxes located in the Main Terminal
Space be low this line to be left blank

Report on Findings
Thursay August 10 Alsberg
This is to present the results of a studya conducted to learn more about and better attend to 留意する the needs of the passengers at Alsberg airport The survey was carried our this week from MOnay to Wednesday Typically the busiest days of the week at the airport

Survey sheets were picked up from the collection boxes yesterday evening. A total of 623 individuals completed the survey
IN questionn #1
as expected、the first option was marked by most respondents 450 altogether Option C was indicate 156 times
Option B and D were chosen by only 10 and 7 respondents ,respectively and they were marked by those frequent travelers who marked options C and D in question # 2
The pilot study 試験的調査 included only two questions And additonal surey with more questions is plannned so that we can be better informed about changes we may need to make to service at Alsberg.

The new, more extensive questionnaires have already been prepared and will e distributed next week.

Where are respondents told to write any additional comments?
On the back of the page
ON the suggestionboard 意見板
ON another sheet of paper
At the bottom of the survey

What is indicated about the next survey?

MOre indivisuals will be asked to participate
The questionnaires will be translated into more languages
The sheets will be distributed on board planes.

A greatr number of questions will be included