Good afternoon, Dr. Perez .This is Jun Lee from Pro Property management . I found a location for your new medical office that I think meets all of your requirements It's on river road ,directly across from Eastside Hospital.Its accesible by public transportation and there is lots of parking in the area. I think you should come see this as soon as possible because I'm sure it won't be available for long,.Please call me as soon as you get this we can arrange a time for you to look at the office space.OK, looking forward to talking to you soon.

What is the purpose of the message
To ask for directions to a business会社までの道順
To list available services
To give a company's business hours
To describe an office space

According to the message , what is good about the place?
Its size
Its location
Its customer service

What does the speaker recommend that Dr,Perez do?

Visit a property物件
Make a reservation
Look at a website
Contact the hospital