Due to rising fuel costs , many airlines have reduced the allowable weight limits on checked baggage 受託手荷物 Here are some things you can do before you fly to avoid any unexpected surprises at the airport.

Find out what your airline charges for overweight bags before you arrive at the airport. You can find this information on your airline's Web site.

When shopping for luggage, スーツケースchoose a product made of lightweight materials .Some bagsケース are heavier than others ,even when empty.

Bring trave-sized containers of shampoo and other toiletary items 洗面用品 intstead of full-sized containers.Also , avoid packing more clothing than necessarry.

For whom is this article most likely intended?
Airport employees
Airline travelers
Travel indusry experts
Luggage maufacturersスーツケース

What is NOT mentioned as a way to reduce the weight of luggage?
Choosing bags recommended on ariline Websites
Packing smaller bottles of Shampoo
Limiting the amount of clothing that is packed
Purchasing lightweight pieces of luggage.