Tylart Electronics
Service and Support
Tylart Warranty Service is provided for all Tylart computers purchased
directly from a Tylart store or from an official Tylart retailer.

Warranty service does not extend to computers repurchased from another seller or from a third party.

To report  a defect, call our national service hotline 全国直通ライン 24 hours a day, at kk or send
an e-mail to warranty . If the problem cannnot be solved over the phone or by e-mail, you will be given a case number and referred to technicians at an authorized 認定の service center in your area.

If a Tylart computer develops a defect within three years of the purchase date,the cusomers is entitled to free repair at Tylart service centers. For a fee, cutomers can also have repairs done on site at their homes or offices. This requires makin special arrangement 手続き with a local service center.

Computers in the first two years of the warranty period are eligible for the Tylart Quality Exchage (TQE) program. TQE replacements can only be authorized by the national service hotline and are not provided at local service centers. Under the TQE program , a replacement will be shipped free of charge to the customer if Tylart determines that a replacement is necessary. Once the replacement unit has been received by the customer, the defective computer should be returned to Tylart. It is the customer responsibility to obtain an exchange authorization letter from Tylart and to arrange for proper shipping. Failure to return the defective item within five business days, of receiving the replacement will result in a charge for the full price of the item.

Who issues a case number?
The Tylart Quality exchange.
An authorized service center
The national hotline
An official Tylart retailer

How long is the warranty period?

What is indicated about local service centers?
They perform on-site repairs
they charge for repairs at the center
The provide telephone support
They are open 24 hours a day.

Under the TQE program, what are customers required to do?

Contatct the authorised service center in their area
Return the defective item before receiving the replacement
Get authorization from the natinal service hotline.
Pay for the shipping of the replacement