From James Bell
To Renaissance Table executive chef's
Date March 20th
Re Our twentieth anniversary
To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the
Renaissance Table Restaurant chain ,we are assembling a cookobook
containing recipes for some of our customers' favorite disehs.In addition to a selecition of recipes for our traditinal French dishes and dessertes ,we could also like to inculde recipes invented by our chefs especially for the cookbook.The best submissions 提出物for original recipes will be included in a special chapter entitled "Kitchen" Table Renaissance"
The Final book will include a serving guide of dishes that go well together If your recipes for a dessert, soup, or other item recommended as a side course,please make sure your submission includes suggestions for main dishes that it would complement 食べ物によく会う
We are looking for recipes characterized by unique flavors but also commonly available ingredients and methods of preparation familiar to the average amateur cooking enthusiast.

The cost of ingredients and nutritional variety are important ,but dishes in this section need to be , above all, easily made by the average person at home in a minumum of time.

Selected dishes will be photographed later by a professional , so there is no need to include pictures with your submissions.
All submissions should be sent by e-mail to by the end of April.We expect the selection process to take a little over a month , and the authors of the winning recipes will be notified in June. In addition to inclusion in the final cookbook,winning submissions will also be rewarded with a small cash bonus.
We expect to have the manuscript prepared by the end of the July so that we can publish the collection in time for the restaurant's anniversary in November.

What does the memo announce?

Thre revision of nutritional guidelines
Changes to a restaurant menu
New sources of ingredients 材料の入手先
The publication of a new book.

What is the most important about the recipes in the special chapter?
They contain unique ingredients.
They require little time to prepare.
They are popular with customers.
They are not expensive to make.

According to the memo, what shoud be included with submissions?
Saving suggestions.
Estimated preparation time
Color photographs
Nutritional data

When will selections be announced ?
In April
In June
IN July
IN November