Hi, Shin, This is Sunny.I'm calling because I've caught a cold,and won't be in today.
Would you mind doing  a few things for me?First, can you tell Alice ,I'm out today?
For some reason, I can't find her telephone number.Second, could you look on the
left side of my desk for a brown package?This needs to be send over to the marketing
department.They're expecting it from me this morning,so you don't even have to write
them a note.メモはつけなくても大丈夫.Finlally, can you please check my computer
for me?I left late last night and I think forgot to turn it off .Thanks for your help.
I'll call you later when I'm feeling better.

Why is Sunny not at work today?
She's not feeling well.
She's on vacation.
She's on a business trip
She's meeting with clients.

What does Sunny ask Shin to do?
Write a note
Send a package
Complete an order注文をすませる
Buy some stamps

According to the message , what will Sunny do later?

Turn on her computer
Call shin
Finish a report
Meet with a cowoker