Fang Zhou
From Naveed Rouhani
Book Reviews
Date June 10.

Dear Ms. Zhou
The editors of Computers Today are pleased to invite you to our list of book reviewers.書評 Reviewers recieve one free copy of the book to be reviewed, Additionally their names and professional affiliations所属 will appear in print alongside theier reviews, Most reviewers are 600- 800 words, but some may be 1000 words or longer.Guidelines要項 for reviewers can be found on our Web site. If you are interested in contributing to our publication, please send me a copy of resume.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Naveed Rouhani
Book Review Editor

To All Museum employees.
Natasha VAsilyev
Noted art historian Clara Byers will present a four-lecture series entiled Amazing Art of the Renaissance, beginning on June 25.

I am pleased to annouce that all employees are eligible to attend this series,which will culmnate最高潮に達する in a guided tour ガイド付きツアー to see several masterpieces in the Makellen Gallery.
There is no charge, but all participants must register in advance, as there is limited seating. Stop by my office to sign up today for this remarkable event.