Did you hear that Joe Cooper is going to be interviewed
for the evening news?
Yes, it's so exciting to have an engineer from our company
on TV.Do you know when it is?
I heard they're  interviewing him on Tuesday.
But it won't be broadcast until Thursday.
Thanks. I'll have to remember and watch it when I get home
that night.

How was the international furniture exhibition?
It was really crowded,but it was worth the trip.
I found an Indonesian company that specializes in hotel furniture.
They have great prices.
I brought your catalog back to show you.
If their prices is so good, let's get some new chairs for the lobby.
It's been at least five years since we bought the chairs we've got the chairs now.
I'm actually amazed they've last this long.
Yes, five years is a long time when you have as many guests as we do.