The technician has been making repairs on machinery,so production
of the X 220 will resume when she has finished.

Qustions about the exhibit should be directed to Mr. Stanley, the museum leading authority on eighteenth-century art.

The security badge needs to be activated before the end of the day tomorrow.

Currently, the most essential task is to finish the new corporate logo,
since no new publications can be printed without it.

Construction will begin on the new water park as soon as all city permits are authorized.

Against the advice of board of directors,Mr. Longman did not vote to suport the merger.

At the end of next month, excecutive chef Traci Nakagawa will have supervised the kitchen at the HOkulea Cafe for ten years.

According to industry experts , it is highly probable that Asakster Inc. and NT&J Tecnologis will announce plans to merge in early May.

The producers are still waiting for network approval to broadcast the television show for another year.

Salese of Fonseca electronic equipment have been increasing steadily over the past five years.