Who will be presenting our idea to the board of directors?
The sale ends on Friday.
The present is for Migel
I believe it will be Jennifer.

This room seems really warm.
No, it was seamless.縫い目がありませんでした。
It doesn't look real.
I'll turn on a fan.

What are you bringing the company picnic?
In the administrative building.
I haven't thought about it yet.
As soon as I finish.

The receptionist usually takes a break now今の時間, doesn't she?
Yes, but she's not here today.
NO, she broke it yesterday.
Yes, the reception will start in 5 minutes.

When can I expect your final decision?
No,it's leather, not vinyl.
An increased project budget
After I speak to regional headquaters

Members are a vital part of the Global Musicians' Association,
and finding ways to increas membership should be a high priority.

After repeatedly failing to win customer support,Tykon's upgraded
software program has been withdrawn 回収される from the market.

Ms.Nwokolo is the ideal leader for the project because
she has previously worked in both business management and textile design.

Because the teams in Beijing and Lisbon must work together closely,
e-mail is the preferred method of communication for the project.

The commission will review the designs for the new industrial center,
and choose one to submit to the board of directors.