The president of the board objected strongly to several of the
conditions listed in the initial contract.

Your selection お選びいただいた品 will arrive in seven to 10days
and will be followed by additional deliveries every six weeks.

A hotel shuttle will be available. but you are also welcome to arrange
your own transportation to the conference.

The advertising campaign for the new Cool Fiz soft drink will
flavor rather than price.

Receipt of the shipment should be expeted within ten days.

Our heating system is getting too old.
Just two hours ago.
Yes, we need a new one.
Mr. Lee's older sister.

What's  the price of this book?
Yes, with steamed rice, please.
From nothern Mexico.

Should I return his call? or will he contact me.
A round trip ticket please.
It's down the hall. 廊下の先です。
He said he'll call back.

Do you know who will be taking over after Claudia retires?
I'm not tired.
We don't know yet.
In her office.

Could you tell me how often the bus leaves for Madrid?
There's one every hour.
Only two pieces , please.
NO, she's the trainer.