It's hard to get a taxi at this times of the day.
Yes,it always is.
No thank you, maybe next week.
About ten dollars.

Are we going to need our umbrellas today?
We'll close early today.
Yes, it's supposed to rain.
To find my umbrella.

Are we supposed to dress casually or formally for that dinner?
Pay in cash.現金で払ってください
You should wear a suit.
Adress and phone number.

Who can run the management workshop 経営セミナーat this summer?
I'll probably be free then.
I'm afraid not.
It stopped running a few days ago.数日前に動かなくなりました。

Do you have any suggestions for this evening?
He moved it.彼は動かしました
We could go to the movies.
NO, it's right here.ちょうどここにあります。

Wasn't Ms. Wagner's presentation inspiring?感動的
Please present it later 提出してください
Yes, she's a good speaker.
I haven't chosen a gift.

I'm so excited about meeting the new boss.
For an hour.
In a conference room.
So am I.

You read the final report , didn't you?
I just glanced at it.ざっと目を通しただけです。
I have to report to work 出勤するon Monday.
He's a fine example.良い例です。

Why have all my papers書類 been piled over there?
He finished the paper書類 yesterday.
The cleaning crew put them there.
You should go ahead and do that.思い切ってそれをやった方がいいですよ。

Isn't Sally working as an assistant to Kathy in the acconting department?
But I insistでもどうぞお願いします。
Count me in 私を数に入れて下さい。
I think so .

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