Audiotimes Reports Strong Profits
By Yoshinori Hirakawa
Tokyo-Strong Sales of digital recording equipment
have helped Audiotimes, a Japanese eletronics maker
archive its highest profits in ten years.

The company's chairman,Masayuki Hirano, told
reporters 報道陣に語った that Audiotimes financial
sucess has 'greatly exceeded our expectations.'
Many economists say Audiotimes is still too small
to be a serious competitor in the electronics market.
Some industry analysts, however, challenge 異議を唱える
that assessment. The executives at Audiotimes do
everything right. says Russell Takayama, a technology
reporter for the Japan Business Times.
They invest heavily in research,find creative solutions to problems and plan down to the last detail.

proposal 申請書 proposal 申請書
proposal 申請書

Dear Mr.Pinczkowski
I am writing in response to the proposal申請書 you sent me last week.
Soon after I received your proposal,I learned that the patio construction will require a building permit.In order to apply for the permit. I will need your signiture on the enclosed form. Could you please sign the form and return it to me along with a revised construction schedule As soon as I hear from you I will send the permit application to the city builiding inspector. I expect to have permit no later than mid-july.

I apologize for the late notice on this, but I did not know that a permit was necessary until I talked to the city inspector earlier this week.

Many thanks for your assistance, and I hope to hear from you soon.