I'm returning Ron Stover's call. ロンさんの電話にかけなおしてます
We'll see you again soon then.別れのあいさつ
I'll be back home on Wednesday.
He's not in .But may I take a message?

What color do you think we should paint the walls.?
It's that one over there.
I prefer green.
NO, I don't care for it.

Do you want to stop now,or should we try to finish the work?
On the top shelf.
They should be. そうあるべきです。
Let's get it done now.今片付けましょう。

Didn't you just have a cup of coffee?コーヒーを飲んだばかりですか?
That'd be nice , thank you?
Maybe a couple of days.2日です。
Yes, but I need another one.

Would you mind moving over?
Yes, a week from today.
Sorry, someone sitting there.
I'd like one more.

You're going to accept the supervisory position , aren't you?
I'm seriously considering it.じkっくり考えている
The department head.部長です
No,I left it there. それはそこに置いてきました。