banquet バンクウィット 宴会
banquet バンクウィット 宴会
banquet バンクウィット 宴会
banquet  バンクウィット 宴会 晩さん会
banquet 晩さん会
banquet 晩さん会

You recently received an informational packet お知らせの小包
concerning the upcoming 来る Association Association Association
of financial consultants conference. I need to clarify 明確にする the
charges 料金 for existing members 現会員 The cover letter
that  I enclosed with your conference booklet should have included
含むべきだったのにしなかった sentence, If you are not an AFC member,
please submit 35$ for your membership登録料 As you have already paid
this year's membership dues, 登録料 you do not need to send the
35$ listed on the conference registration form 登録用紙 Please
forgive the mistake. When you return your registration form,please
write alreaday a current member 現会員 on it. However, you will
still need to enclose the 50$ conference fee 会議費用 and 275$ for your
room and banquet meal 晩さん会の食事 no later than February 10th.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

Has the sink in Lab 2 been repaired yet? もう治りましたか?
No, I talked to the plumber yesterday, and he said
he wouldn't get here to fix it until Friday.
but it's only Tuesday.
What are we supposed to do in the meantime?その間
I think we can shift some of the test work実験 into labs1 and 4 if we
need to .The space will be tight with the extra wokers,
but at least we can run all the scheduled analyses.全ての予定された分析を行える

in the meantime その間 in the meantime その間 in the meantime そのあいだ