There is a chair next to the beds.
There are no pillows on the bed.
There is a stack of 沢山のthe sheets
There is a pitcure above the beds.

The handrails are being polished.
The people are seated on the steps.
The people are going up to the next floor.
The workers are cleaning the walkway.通路

The man is throwing away some posters.
A picture is being hung on the wall.
The man is reaching down 下の方にてを伸ばしているto pick up some tape.
A railing has been placed along the street.道に沿ってガードレールが設置されている

She is stapling some documents together.
She is doing some paper work.デスクワークをしている
She's looking over her shoulder.
She is riding to the office.オフィスに向かって乗り物に