Hi,everyone, my name is Brian Collins and I work for Seletron Tools,a family firm ,based in
Melbourne.We make kitchen utensils of the finest quality and offer them to buyers like you,
so that  you can sell them in your  high-quality retail stores.Our products are handcrafted
to be as beutiful as they are functinal 機能的と同じ様に美しくある為、
They are also guaranteed for life if they ever need repair.In countries where
they have been introduced 既に導入している国では they are extremely popular with
the most discrimating目が利く customers.As a result,we're going to be offering our
products to retail stores in additional countries 他の国 Moreover, we're  adding
a cutom order line特別注文.You orde set of knives for example,and you choose
how you want to customize them.Have your family name engraved,
choose what type of handles you want,and so on. I think you'll be happy to
place an order for your retails store with us,once I've shown you some
of our products,わが社の商品を一度ご覧いただければ、you can always
send them back for a full refund if you are not delighted with your sales.