I'd like to start out by telling you how much I appreciate the torophy and recognition功労を認めること、評価 it signifies.意味する I have been J&B limited since the beginning when Jeff and I were just a couple of guys working in a rented garage.We've gone from producing and selling audio recordings of local musicians to being one of the nation's largest and most resected providers of quality 高品質のentertainment products.We now produce and distribute everything from music to movies and video games.and while I appreciate the honor you're bestowing与える on me this evening I want to stress that my success would not have been impossible without hardworking and dedication of my wonderful collegues.Many of whom are here tonight.With our sucess as a company has come responsibity 責任を果たす to our industry,to our community and most of all,our customer who have contributed to support and purchase our product.I'm looking forward to many more happy years,with J&B Limited.
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