And the last stop on our tour is the cafeteria.The cafeteria is open in the morning from 7 to 10,and for lunch from 12 noon to 2:30.Hot food is served from this area in the right.Sandwitchs and snacks are over there on the left.And in the middle, here,the salad bar.In your employee orientation pack ,you'll find a cafe card.This first one is complimentar無料の、優待のy.It has 10 euros worh of credit on it.When you select your food,take it to the checkout.精算所 The cashier will add up your purchases and tell you how much credit you have left.When it is used up.You can purchase a new card.There is a card machine in the lobby.Let's all get a cup of coffee and sit here in the cafeteria ,we'll all try to answer any questions you have.