Thanks for stopping by Ms.DeVencenzi,Today I'm going to give you the the specifications仕様書 for the project,as well as a contract.You'll
received the confidentiality agreement from a legal department in the mail.You should return both as soon as possible.When is the assignment due?仕事 Initially the shedule is rather tight.We'd like the first part第1段 by the end of next month.The remainder can wait untill end of the year.That'll be just fine..I'll get started right away.

I can't believe the trouble we had coming up with考案する the desing for our new logo.It seems to have taken forever.一生終わらないと思った
Yes, but the results are worthwhile don't you think?
It sums up exactly what our company stands for.
It looks both sporty and dependable.Yes, and it comes out well はっきり映える
both small on our letterheadレターヘッド 書簡にかいてある組織のシンボル large on our store signs店看板 and products.
Look at these tennis rackets and our new mountain bike they look fantastaic.