Hello, this is Annabelle Futuro.I haven't received my ticket yet
for a flight I'm leaving on tomorrow.Peter sent me a ticket a few weeks ago.
But the wrong date was on it.So I called and spoke with Indira and she said
that I woud be reticketed.Thank you for calling.I'm afraid that Indira has left
the company rather suddenly,and Peter is on vacation.But I'll do my best
to help you.The ticket was supposed to be here last week.I'm speaking at an
Awards Ceremony.And It's very important that I be there tomorrow.
Here.I found you in the computer.Well. the ticket was mailed just yesterday.
I apologize for this inconvenience Ms.Futuro.I'll issue you another one.
And send it by messenger配達人 to your office before noon.

Sorry that I couldn't go to lunch today with you ,Beth.
When I got  to the office this morning, there was an e-mail
from supervisor about my special staff meeting at 11:30.
That's Ok , Jack,I just went and got  sandwitch from the cafeteria
and ate it in the park.so, what was the meeting about?
Well they announced a contract with Uni corporation to develop a new
software program.But because of the deadline, we'll probably have to
work a lot of overtime ,finish up the work by January 1st.
You should be happy to get the contract.Lots of companies around here
have had to layoff employees recently,because they don't have enough work for them
to do.