Anything less or more has to be manually entered.
That's the new normal.I hope the coffee was good at least.
I don't have any complaints in that department.その点では
It's the whole tipping businessチップという面倒なこと that's left a bitter aftertaste..I'll tell you one thingひとつ確かなことがあるThat coffee shop has lost a valued customer.You know what they say about tips よくこういいますよね。They are the wages we pay other people's employees.No kidding. I think a whole idea is out of controlその考え自体がどうすることもできない Tipping used to be left to the customer's discretion,but these days,it's more or less obligatory.Your story reminds me of a recent incident involving まつわるa big international hotel chain.They got a lot of flak of asking guests to leave behind tips for housekeepers in specially prepared envelope.People objected that because they already paid high room rates 宿泊料and charges for various other services.And the guests were right もっともなことto complain.If the management want its staff to earn more,they should put money where their mouth is .and simply paid better wages Yes suggesting that their customers do that for them is just isn't on 受け入れられない
 at lease in my book.