How much is a taxi to the airport?
Three miles from here.
Ten dollars one way.
It leaves in an hour.

Where did you get your haircut?
It was getting too long.伸びすぎていた
About every two month.
At the new shop downtown.

When will you be returning to work?
Sometime next week.
I went to visit my family.家族に会いに行った
Please return it by two o'clock.

Which country did Emi say she's from?
She'll be here next week.
No, she lives in a city.
She's from Japan.

Who'll be joining us at  dinner.
Tonight at 7o'clock.
Jim and Mary are coming.
We'll be having chicken.

When can you submit the report to Mr. Chang?
Today's weather report.
By Tuesday afternoon at the earliest.
Mr. Chang hasn't called all day.

Do you prefer to work the morning shift or are you available later?
I'll be happy to refer you.喜んで紹介します。
Later is better for me.
Yes, it works very well.

I heard you went to that restaurant on  Queen Street.
What's the name of it again?
It's called the "Walnut Tree" It was great. Terrific food,
fast service, pleasent setting,that's good to know.
I have clients coming in from out of town next weekend,I'd like to take  them to some
place nice.How are the prices?Not bad at all.oh, and here I got one of their
business cards with their address and phone number.You can have it.

Hmm, I want to  wear this dress this Saturday.But it shoud really be cleaned.
Ted,Could you leave it to the cleaner's on your way to work today?
And tell them I need to have it back by Satuday morning?

I have to get to the office early this morning to work on the speech I'm giving next week.
But I could do it tomorrow.明日ならできるのに。
What's happening on Saturday anyway?It's you cousin's wedding.
How could you forget?Why don't you drop off 荷物などを下すyour suit along with my dress?
This Satuday? I can't believe it.I have tickets to  the first ballgame 野球of the season,
and I've been looking forward to it for a long time.