Well, that's better than having to chase after the deadbeats借金を踏み倒す人
who've done a runner とんずらする and not paid the bill
How did the custom of tipping the start anyway.チップを置く習慣はどのように始まったのですか?
Have Americans always been in the habit of leaving gratuities?
According to what i've read ,the custom didn't catch on until after the civil war.
But as you know,there is a strong egalitarian srand 平等主義的要素 in American culture.
Many peaople saw tipping as a decadant 退廃的な holdover遺物 from Europe.
so it wasn't widespread.My impression is that it caught on定着した in the prosperous
year before World WarI.And as a historical foot notes歴史的小話
one school of thoughts hold that the term 'tip' can be traced to British coffee
houses a few centuries back.They supposedly had coin bowls with sign saying
to ensure promptitude 迅速な対応 hense そこから tip. and the money was given at the beginning of
the meal.that's an interesting a bit of historical trivia.Who knew?知りませんでした
Picking up on話を戻して付け加える Seiji's comments, I should know the tipping
isn't as ubiquitous as a  custom in Britain as  it is here in the states.
All restaurants employees in the U.K must be paid the minumum wage
whether or not they could receive gratuities.and employers are prohibited
from using tips to bring wages up to the minumum legal level. 法定最低賃金に引き上げるために