Same here. If I invite an some important guest to have dinner with me
at an upmarket 高級市場向けの restaurant. I'll tip the waiter 20 bucks or so
to make sure he gets me a good quiet table.That sounds like a
wise investment on your part あなたにとっては But you wouldn't be able
to do that at the no-tipping restaurants that are recently opening for business
in New York.Their pitch is that they charge slightly higer prices 若干高めに設定しています
So they can afford to pay their staff decent wages.適正な賃金
In some such restaurants they charge customers are flat 20 percent administrative fee
一律20%の管理費 which goes toward お金を〜に使うemployee's salaries for both servers and cooks.
Good for them.That appeals to people like me who hate having to culculate the tip
when a group of people are  sharing the bill.It's too much like work.面倒でやりたくないこと
Also servers  shouldn't be penalizedピーナライズ 〜で罰せられる by
small tips if the food was bad.
In a similar vein同じように,Some Japanese restaurants and pubs
here in New York no longer accept tips.

Just like back in Japan.One of my friends works at a sushi restaurants
that rigidly  follows that policy. He says he and other members of the staff
sometimes have to chase after customers to return tips that they've left
through force of habit.習慣で