The first batches 一陣が of generation Zers will be graduating from colledge soon.They'll be heading out into the world to find jobs and use their spending power.購買力 And then it'll be a whole new game全く新しい事態 My impression is that today's teenager think it's important to use the various degital tools they have at their disposal 思い通りに to achieve social change 社会を変えるために
They're very aware of the inequality is that giving the lie矛盾する to the american dream are rotting our society from within.社会を内部から腐敗させる Yes,that's seems to be hot topicメディアで取り上げられている in the media these days.My impression is that new degital forms of media have created a strong sense of community, or solidarity連帯 among young people.That's all to the good,I supposeそれは確かに結構なことだと思いますよ But I'm a bit concerned about how much the members of generation Z depend on technology.I worry that with the world almost literally at their fingertips すぐに利用できる They could develop an unhealthy sense of entitlement.権利意識 Will that affect their ability to function effectively and what i still like to call the real world Yes, sometimes I wonder whether today's kids are growing up too fast ,They are so much more sophisticated in worldly-wise 世慣れている at their age look at those exotic project alyce talked about,