I know each generation is supposed to be different from the previous ones,but
what's particularly special about the members of generation Z?

Well, for start,there is a children of generation Xs.
One vital things to be aware of is that they more diverse than their predecessors.
Generation Z represents a significant blend of races and ethnic backgrouds.
and don't forget that they comrise占める a quarter of the U.S population.

They're also the first generation of real degital natives.
Tougher economic reality is meant they weren't born with silver spoons
in their mouths.裕福な家庭に生まれる
But they were online and connected  via technolgy almost as soon as
they could say their first word.

and that's something that we as marketers have to be aware of
if we're going to help brands connect with the members of generation Z.

A big question is just how consumer-brand relationship will change
in this new world of constant connectivity. 常時つながっている

Yes, the harsh reality is that if the company makes botched 不手際なor ham-handed 不器用な
attempt to connect with generation Z it'll go viral急速に広がる on social media
before you can say boo.あっという間に
marketers need to do their homework and get a firm sense of what this new
generation of consumers wants, and how they see the world.