But instead of letting the small talk世間話 devolve into 移る discussion about sports or the weather, he used his elevator pitch to sugue into 途切れずに移行する conversation that eventually led to business.
Did he have a favorite lineお気に入りの台詞 when he made his in-flight pitch?Yes. Often you travel companion 旅の道連れになった人 will ask what do you do for a living?He didn't say he worked in PR.His mantra 決まり文句 was we are in the business of making small companies look big and big company look small.Then he'd mention that his company had a great track record in growth 優れた成長実績があって doubling in size every five years.He made a lot of valuable business contactsコネ that way.When you make this kind of prepackagedパッケージ化された pitch I think you need to stress the benefit you can create for the other person.Right, My former boss always empasize that.He was also good at differentiating 差別化するhis firm from other firms when he was making his pitch. It's important to communicate your unique selling preposition 独自の売りを伝える otherwise you're just selling your industry not your spesific service.Did you ever try to close 取引を成立させる the sales then and there?その場で