I was so intrigued興味をそそられる by his pitch that I wanted to find out more about him and his company,this guy sounds like he's in a class of his own 際立っている when it comes to the fine art高度な技術 of the elevator pitch. I think he played you あなたを手玉にとる like a real pro. You make him sound like some sort of con artist詐欺師
I don't think that's what Steve meant.This fellow is someone who knows that he should design考え出す his sales pitch so that a busy person like you has enough information to get a sense of what he's talking about, and he was careful not to overwhelm圧倒する you with too much information.He wanted to interest you enough that you'd wanted to talk with him again.And he succeeded.Early in my career,I worked at a midsized public relationsPR会社 firm in Manhattan.The chairman was a past master 達人 when it came to drumming up business 取引を得ようと努力する from his fellow passengers on airplanes with this kind of spiel 熱弁 Oh dear, I hope he wasn't one of those fast-talkers.口のうまい人 He'd engage in the usual chitchat世間話 with the person beside him.