That's got to be the ultimate elevator pitch.I've never heard of anyone actually delivering one in an elevator.Yeah That's quite unusual I'd say,そうですね。You may or may not knowご存じかどうかわかりませんが、Seiji, That the expression' elevator pitch ' refers to a very short condensed 簡潔なsales presentation that takes about the same time as the short elevator ride.エレベーターに乗るのと同じ時間のかかる Tipically well-under a minute. I see When and where do people make that kind of pitch 売り込み if not in an elevator.エレベーターのなかでないなら、

I find it's a handy tactic すぐに使える戦略when you meet a potential customer at the events like conferences ,trade exhibitions and receptions.A self imposed自ら課した time limit helps me distill蒸留する 言いたいことをまとめる my message and cut to the chaseずばり用件を言う Most poeple appreciate that especially at meet and greet networking events.新しい出会いのための集まり

I'm curisous about the guy you met in the lift ,Seiji,Did he ultimately give up on you and let you go?

Actually I gave my business card just before I got out of the elevator.and asked him to call me.