But are they for real?本当なのでしょうか?Isn't there the risk that people will see these campaign as cynical人に漬け込んだ利己的な marketing ploys戦略 and tuggins their heart and perth strings.心の琴線と財布の紐に訴える Well, Wendy is the expert on this subject.I've asked her to explain why some causeコーズ marketing campaign work better than others.What kinds of metrics評価基準 are you talking about?
Cause marketing can push up the brands sales by sayおよそ 10% Now I admit that's not a huge amount but when your partner with a charity 慈善団体のパートナーになるとpeople have a better image of the brand.And that can have a good result in the long run.Yes, the research I've seen shows that cause marketing works better than the sales promotions or sponsorship in getting comsumers to respond positively to brands.But of course, a charity on the product or service have to be a good fit 見あった Besides bringing in more money,資金をもっと呼びこぶことのほかに How does this type of campaign help charitable orgnization慈善団体  It can do a lot to raise a public profile of a charity .注目度をあげるために、大きく貢献することができます。Most of them have small marketing budgets and couldn't possibly get the same amount of exporure on their own.