Folks, I'd like you to meet Wendy Norris,CEO of Norris Associates.Wendy has been developing cause-realted 社会的な理想 partnerships between companies and charities for close to 20 years .It's a pleasure to meet you Wendy.I've heard nothing but good things and work you do.The pleasure is mine,Bill.I'm a loyal 愛用する H&B customer from way back 長年As you know , H&B works with several NPO's active in area such as literacy 読み書き能力 and breast cancer.We want to explore other partnership opportunties in cause-related marketing.So without we've asked Wendy to help point us in the right direction.Thank you Kay. Cause related marketing or cause marketing as it's also known, can be a combination of good business and good works.when it's done right.It can help charities deal with social or environmental problems. and add value to a business at the same time.Wendy,I'm very interested in how companies and charities collaborate to their mutual benefit.So ams I. When I scan the shelves at my local supermarkets I see all sorts of product labels claiming to support this or that あれやこれや good cause.慈善活動